Running Eagle Falls

Jax Menez Atwell

On a recent excursion with my sons to Glacier National Park we came across Running Eagle Falls.  Before venturing off into nature I read up on why this area was named Running Eagle Falls.  Turns out that a beautiful Blackfeet native woman became an incredible warrior.  Her beauty and stubbornness were unparalleled.  My interest was peaked for sure.

Turns out Running Eagle was originally named “Otaki” and was from the Alberta, Canada area.  She was a Piegan Tribe of the Blackfeet Nation.  She gained her new name after saving her father and later joining a raid to win back stolen horses from a warring tribe.  After that she turns out to be an amazing warrior and leader.  Her beauty was also considered unparalleled. Her name was well known and well respected even amongst her enemies.  She was killed in battle sometime after 1878 by Flathead warriors.  Out of respect…

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Author: adriennestephany

I am a single mother and local actress in Arizona. I have a lot on my mind and am glad to finally find a place to put it all down and share with everyone. I hope you all like my thoughts. My blogs are basically about me personally or just my opinion on certain subjects. I value all opinions to anything I post and welcome all comments, please note that the items not about me directly are just my opinion and not based on fact.

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