Stop and Smell the Roses

Have you ever sat and wondered where the day, week, month, year went?  We all have.  If you sit down and actually think about how you spent your time, can you honestly say that you remember all that you did, other than work or running errands?  I know I can’t.  Why is that?  That’s because we are all so busy getting through the work day or the many, many errands we have to run that we forget to slow down and just enjoy life.  I don’t want to look back at my life when I’m old and regret not doing this or that.  I don’t want to look back and wonder where all the fun went.

I was driving in my car one day and I actually looked at the world around me and started to get disappointed.  I wasn’t disappointed because I was running late and traffic wasn’t moving fast enough, but I was watching all the other drivers and disappointed that they are in such a hurry to get from point A to point B that they missed everything around them.  I started getting irritated with the drivers on the rode when either I’m trying to enter or exit my complex and no one is willing to stop for 5 seconds to let me get out and get on my way.  I’ve gotten irritated when I’ve seen them do it to others too and I’ve started taking the time to slow down or stop to let someone into the massive traffic jam of life.

I started noticing while shopping too, and I used to be one of them.  I have a hard time being in stores of any kind because I soak up the energy/feelings of everyone around me and most of the time the other people in the stores with me are typically the happiest.  In fact, I’ve noticed they are usually miserable and they are rushing through there like they are on fire.

It’s not just that though; everyone just seems to be in a hurry to get through life and here I am struggling to get through one day at a time most days.  I’ve been trying to do more fun things with my daughter and it’s not easy, as I do constantly have a list of things that need to get done going on in my head, but been doing my best to ignore it.  This is mostly because life is short and I have been reminded of this several times over the last year and a half.  Tomorrow is never guaranteed so I am trying to do my best to not be in such a hurry to get through the day anymore.

I am finding that my work day isn’t going as quickly as it used to, no matter how busy I am, because I’m not so focused on the time anymore.  I have also noticed that my weekend really doesn’t go as quickly as it used to because I don’t fill it up with “things to do” anymore, rather I just do what I can and make time for my daughter.  We don’t always go somewhere and spend money to have fun, as it shouldn’t really have to cost you to have fun, except your time.  Basically, I’m doing my best to make our time spent together more about the quality of the time, rather the quantity.  I’m not rushing things.  I’m honestly stopping to smell the roses and even though I do still have obligations that stress me out, I’m doing what I can to prioritize and pick my battles.  Everything still needs to get done, but it’s not the end of the world if it doesn’t get done right this minute.

I’d rather see my daughter having a fun childhood and making memories with her than rushing through each day going from point A to point B and sticking to a schedule.  It’s not just about her though, it’s about me too.  I need to start finding time for me and allowing me to have some quality time doing something fun for me.  I do still spend a lot of time trying to make everyone around me happy that I honestly forget about me.  I only say this because in the last month, I’ve had at least 3 people tell me I look exhausted.

I think I trailed off a bit and made this all about me, but that wasn’t my intention.  My point is, that I honestly feel that if everyone would just slow down and not be in such a hurry to get through each day, they’d see all that they are honestly missing.  Life is passing you by and it’s time you won’t get back.  Are you making memories or has your life been a blur because you’re too busy chasing the almighty dollar and have forgotten to live?

I’m still learning how to slow down and hoping to start on some new adventures with friends and my daughter to further my attempt in making memories and not having our lives be but a blur, but right now I’m taking it one day at a time.  Obviously we need the almighty dollar to pay our bills, but should that really be your first concern or should living life to the fullest (or live each day like it’s your last) be your first concern?

Live your life, don’t let your life live you.

Author: adriennestephany

I am a single mother and local actress in Arizona. I have a lot on my mind and am glad to finally find a place to put it all down and share with everyone. I hope you all like my thoughts. My blogs are basically about me personally or just my opinion on certain subjects. I value all opinions to anything I post and welcome all comments, please note that the items not about me directly are just my opinion and not based on fact.

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